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Matthew 7:7-11, John 3:16

Matthew 19:14

My mom returned our book, “Heaven is for Real” this past week.  If you haven’t heard about it, it’s about a boy, Colton, who claimed to visit Heaven during an appendectomy.  I believe him since his story doesn’t counter the Bible.  Chapter nineteen is entitled, “Jesus Really Loves the Children.”  One example of Jesus’ love for children is in Matthew, where Jesus talked about giving good gifts to children.

I know God loves our kids.  I have a recent example of how much God loves our daughter, Emily.  Emily and I had a Biblical conversation while driving home from an event.  As we pulled in the driveway, I felt satisfied that her questions were answered.  Five days later, I half-listened to a morning devotional, but knew that the writer had talked about losing wedding/engagement rings.  Then, one or two days after that, the kids were practicing tennis in the afternoon when I decided to sit down at a picnic table in a nearby shelter.  Before I sat down, I noticed something shiny and small on the concrete floor.  On closer inspection, I saw it was a child’s toy diamond that had become dislodged from a play ring.  I remembered the devotional about the lost rings and decided to read all of it on my phone.  It reminded me of the Biblical conversation I had with Emily almost a week before.  After the kids were done practicing tennis, as we were walking, I asked Emily if she remembered that conversation.  She did, but she had additional questions that I didn’t know about, but God did.  I listened to her and I again was able to answer her questions.  Evidently, it was important to God that Emily get answers to her extra questions.  Those answers were good gifts from God.  He showed He cared about her questions by lovingly and patiently going to great lengths to get them answered.

Colton was persistent in telling his parents how much Jesus loves kids.  Jesus’ words in the Bible revealed His love for children, and I’ve seen evidence of that love.  If you have kids, please remind them that Jesus loves them!


Exodus 3:8

Ethan, Emily and I looked at a devotional today that brought up a Biblical reference to milk and honey.  In Exodus 3:8, God talked to Moses, and told him His plan to get the Israelites out of their oppressive slavery situation in Egypt and to “a land flowing with milk and honey-”

After we were done with the devotional, our young son, Ethan, said that since there was a lot of milk and honey in that land, there would have been a lot of cows and bees too.  I had never thought of that.



Exodus 3, James 4:8

On a snowy day while out driving by a church, I noticed a tall, wide, red bush at a T-intersection.  It made me think of the burning bush that Moses encountered.

God spoke to Moses long ago through a burning bush.  God can communicate to us in many ways.  Today, He’s more likely to use His Word, devotionals, some Christian music, etc.  God is not limited in getting a message to us, so He can use whoever or whatever He wants until we get it.

Did you notice that when Moses saw the burning bush, God didn’t talk to him until he got closer?  If you’re not already, get close to God and He will get close to you.