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Genesis 1

When I read the first chapter of Genesis recently, I tried to visualize God creating, but my imagination was interrupted as I remembered that my NIV Bible is in English, and the language of the Old Testament was written in Biblical Hebrew.  And since I’m reading the Bible for the third time, I want my reading to be beefed up with details to deepen my relationship with God.  An online search lead me to where I found English to Biblical Hebrew translations.  I found that day=yom, night=layil (lah’-yil), sky=shamayim (shaw-mah’yim), earth/land=erets (eh’-rets), and sea=yam (yawm).  After I write in the Biblical Hebrew translations to my Bible and re-read Genesis 1:1-10, it’ll probably give me chills with the added effect.  Maybe I’ll even read it aloud to my family with ocean wave sounds in the background.  Yeah.


Genesis 2:9, 3:22-24, Revelation 22:12-16

Last Wednesday, I finished reading the Bible.  It was just the second time I’ve read it.  Since Revelation is the last book of the Bible, it was fresh in my mind when I read the news about Billy Graham passing on to Heaven.  There are wonderful details about Heaven in Revelation, but as I read this time, I found the tree of life to be particularly fascinating.  As I read, this time I was reminded that the tree of life is also mentioned in the first book of the Bible, Genesis.

In Genesis 2:9, I read that God created beautiful trees that were “good for food.”  God is perfect, so just know that if He says the food is good, it’s perfectly tasty.  Also, the tree of life was in the middle of the Garden of Eden.  In Genesis 3:22-24, I read that if they (Adam and Eve) would have taken and eaten from the tree of life they would have lived forever.  Because of that, God guarded the tree of life with a flaming sword and cherubim.

In Revelation, Jesus spoke the words,”…right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city.”  Putting all of the verses together, it sounds to me like those that are saved get to enter the city gates and take and eat from the tree of life leading to eternal life.  I like to picture Billy Graham and loved ones that have gone to Heaven, walking awestruck through the city gates, picking fruit from the lovely tree of life, eating the delicious fruit and then living happily ever after.

Genesis 1

For Christmas, Emily and Ethan each got a book called, Amazing Animal Journeys from Kerry, a cousin.  In the book is wonderful information about God’s diverse creatures such as finding out that thousands of zebras in Botswana, Africa migrate approximately 360 miles total, and that millions of little, red crabs on Christmas Island migrate from their forest burrows following “the season’s first big rain.”  From there, they tackle cliffs and face other dangers like becoming roadkill, just so the female crabs can get to the ocean to release the eggs.

In addition to migration facts, other information was packed in the book.  For example, walruses have an air pouch so that when they go to sleep, their heads won’t submerge.  Also, a baby zebra has the ability to recognize its mom’s unique stripe pattern.

When Creation was complete, God looked at what He made and “it was good.”  The walruses wouldn’t drown because of the built-in air pouches, the baby zebras would quickly learn how to identify their mothers, etc.  He thought of everything.  Is there anyone that can identify all of the animals God made?  Maybe.  But is there anyone that can identify all of the animals and know everything about them?  Probably not, and animals are just a fraction of what God made.

Evolutionists don’t give God the credit He deserves.  How can they think all of the animals happened by chance?  I want to conclude with a quote from The Collapse of Evolution by Scott M. Huse:  “Extraordinary design and adaptation are found throughout nature in such abundance, perfection, and complexity as to utterly defy evolutionary explanation.  Most of these structures and abilities simply could not have evolved piecemeal because they are useful only when perfect and complete.  Indeed, all of nature proclaims, ‘Behold, the Master Creator!’  As Lord Kelvin has written:  ‘Overwhelmingly strong proofs of intelligent and benevolent design lie around us…the atheistic idea is so non-sensical that I cannot put it into words.'”

Revelation 3:1-6 

Romans 10:9

What does your “to do” list look like?  Maybe it’s a little longer with New Year’s resolutions, or shorter if the resolutions didn’t work out.

In Revelation 3, the Holy Spirit communicated to the Sardis Church.  Most of them were warned to awaken and complete the unfinished deeds.  If they didn’t awaken, repent and obey, Jesus “will come like a thief…”.

There were a handful of Sardis people Jesus found worthy.  He relayed that anyone victorious like those few will get to be with Him.  Jesus promises not to “blot out” the worthy person’s name in “the book of life.

If life has you distracted, force yourself to stop and reflect on your status with Jesus.  If you’re not saved yet, say, “Jesus is Lord” and believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead.  If you don’t think it’s important to get saved, the enemy is lying to you!  Or if you think you can put off salvation like procrastinating on a project, you may not have the time you think you have.  What if you could see Jesus about to delete your name from the Book of Life?  Wouldn’t you want to stop that action?

I once heard a pastor give an electrifying message on salvation.  He challenged listeners to care about others’ salvation to spare them from Hell.  He begged the congregation to imagine lost people unknowingly walking towards and over the edge of a cliff.  He hoped that if people could actually see others nearing that deadly place, they would call out, “Hey!  Stop!”  Then, they could tell them about Christ.

If you are saved but have a sleepy spiritual life, wake up!  A good way to wake up spiritually, is to complete Experiencing God, a workbook by Henry Blackaby.  I finished the workbook last month and found that although he is not afraid to step on toes, Experiencing God was helpful in deepening my relationship with God.  One bit of wisdom that stands out, is to remember the last thing God communicated to you to do, and then to do that without hesitation.  So, you might have to revise that 2018 to do list.

Luke 2:4-7, 23:50-56, John 19:38-40

When the topic of Jesus as a baby is mentioned, we often think of Mary and his earthly dad, Joseph.  We picture Mary wrapping Jesus as a baby in cloths, and then putting Him in the manger.

Joseph of Arimathea was a rich man (Who’s Who in the Bible) present at the end of Jesus’ earthly life.  He asked Pilate if he could have Jesus’ body.  He then got Jesus’ body off the cross and used cloths to wrap the body (with the help of Nicodemus) and got it into a tomb.

Mary and Joseph of Arimathea wrapped Jesus in cloths.  Through the hands of those He created, it’s like God wrapped His only son as a gift to the world.

Luke 18:1-8

Since the holidays are upon us, by now you’ve probably seen at least one costumed Santa.  My family saw one on a chair receiving little kids for photo ops.  Except for a crying little boy that seemed to be scared of Santa, other kids probably told Santa what toys they wanted for Christmas.  I heard another Santa in a store ask a cashier what she wanted for Christmas.  She asked for a day off, something that the costumed Santa didn’t pretend to give.

How would you have answered that Santa?  Maybe you want a day off.  Well, because of Christmas, the Christian celebration of Jesus coming into the world as a baby, most Americans have Christmas off.  And if you’re a student, you might have quite a few days off.  Or maybe you desire healing, something you wouldn’t try to ask Santa for.

You can ask God for healing.  He is able to provide healing.  If you’ve been asking Him for healing, keep praying and asking Him like the persistent widow in Jesus’ parable.  She kept asking a judge for justice.  He eventually granted her justice.  If you keep asking God for healing, He can grant you the gift of healing.

Genesis 1-2

Did you watch the documentary Genesis: Paradise Lost this past week?  My family watched it and I’m glad we did.  As part of the Creationist panel, there was an amazing scientist, Dr. Charles Jackson, with four degrees.  His discussion had us mesmerized.

Recently, I looked up at a beautiful, clear, night sky sprinkled with stars.  I watched a raccoon running down our street, and learned about chinstrap penguins and Eurasian Spoonbills.  The intricacies of the universe and the Kingdom Animalia did not just happen.  God created them.


Genesis 1:1

Isaiah 40:26

On 12/16/12, I did a post on the dwarf planet, Ceres and said, “NASA’s Dawn spacecraft plans to be in its orbit in 2015.”  I closed the post by saying that God already knew what they’d find since He created it.

Since it’s 2017, there is news to report on Ceres (the biggest object found in 1801 between Mars and Jupiter in the asteroid belt) on this link (warning:  not a Creationist view!):

Here are some of their findings (Viewed 240 miles from Ceres, which is closer than Earth’s International Space Station is):

  • has a “crater chain”
  • Occator Crater is 55 miles wide
  • possible salts (Watch the rotation video)
  • The diameter is about 600 miles which is about the size of Texas
  • has ice and rock, mountains (one more than 20,000 ft. which is close to North America’s highest mountain, Alaska’s Mt. Denali at 20,310 ft.) and valleys
  • Some scientists think there was an ocean underground.
  • The mission director thinks the streaks on the mountain slopes could mean an unknown substance used to flow down it.  He invites the reader to imagine “an eruption of some strange combination of water and other chemicals on this cold, distant world.”

They want to get within 120 miles from Ceres.  They don’t want Dawn to land on Ceres because they want to avoid bringing contaminants.  The mission has been extended and the director thinks Dawn can keep working until the latter half of 2018.

Dawn’s mission director confidently said, “But the ship (Dawn) will remain in orbit around Ceres as surely as the moon remains in orbit around Earth and Earth remains in orbit around the sun.”  Ceres has a pummeled surface with a collection of craters, so God will decide if Dawn remains in orbit.  Also, Isaiah reveals that God calls planets by their name.  I’m guessing that includes dwarf planets.  Ceres was named by man for a Roman goddess of agriculture and grain.  I don’t know what God would call this dwarf planet, but it sure wouldn’t be Ceres.



John 14:2-3, Isaiah 11:6-7, Revelation 21, 22, 4:3-5

My family has a habit of reading the devotional, Our Daily Bread each day.  Recently, one writer wrote about someone who assumed Heaven is boring.  The writer quickly mentioned that when they went to the Grand Canyon, they were in awe at one part of God’s creation.  The author concluded that Heaven would not be boring.  I would like to add reasons I think Heaven will not be boring:

  1. Jesus will be there!
  2. Wolves, lions and bears can reside there (like a beautiful zoo with no cages).
  3. The sun is not needed because God Himself provides all of the light with no night.
  4. The River of Life is in front of God’s throne.
  5. Lightning and thunder come from God’s throne.
  6. There is a rainbow encircling His throne (no more waiting for the weather conditions to be just right for a rainbow).
  7. The main street is made out of GOLD.  God doesn’t have to mine for gold, since He can just make it.
  8. New Jerusalem’s walls will be decorated with jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, emerald, sardonyx, amethyst (my favorite), etc.  Is that enough precious stones for you?
  9. There are lots of mansions in Heaven.
  10. Jesus said He’d “prepare a place for you” which implies individual things might be included, like your favorite wild animals.

Will Heaven be boring?  Maybe one day’s highlights would be strolling down the golden street, hugging a lion, and doing a backstroke in the River of Life while watching lightning shoot out from God’s throne.  That sounds exciting to me!  Why would God make Himself a boring place to live?  That’s an insult to Him.  God is GOD and everything will be perfect.  Trust Him to provide eternal entertainment.

1 Kings 18:45-46, 1 Kings 19:19-20

In studying 1 Kings 19:19-20 I found out that there apparently has been some controversy over the financial status of Elisha because of the number of oxen Elijah found him with.  Some wonder if Elisha owned all twelve yoke of oxen.  Some think Elisha and/or his father must have been rich.  In my study, however, I wasn’t searching for an answer to whether Elisha was wealthy or not.  It was verses 19b and 20a that piqued my curiosity, but I couldn’t find any source that addressed my question.  My question is that if Elisha just got Elijah’s cloak thrown on him, why did he have to run after Elijah?

In the above verses, Elisha was working with oxen when Elijah passed him, and threw the cloak on him.  Then, Elisha had to run after him.

At one point in Elijah’s life, he put his cloak in his belt, and was able to sprint past Ahab and his chariot to Jezreel’s city gate.  God helped Elijah run in that serious situation, but I wonder if Elijah was feeling playful and asked God to let him run like that again by Elisha.

It could be that Elijah was simply walking briskly past Elisha.  It appears it’s just one of those questions I’ll have to ask in Heaven someday.