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Romans 8:28

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and I have been thinking about our ancestors and God’s will.  I have been marveling about how God brought my husband and I together after our ancestors’ close calls.  One of my husband’s ancestors fought  in the Spanish-American War.  As he fought with a sword, he partially fell through a floor.  He lived on after the encounter.

One of my ancestors fought  in World War I.  It was thought that he was dead, so a toe tag was attached to him.  One of his friends saw him there and rescued him.  He lived on.

Either one of our ancestors could have perished but they didn’t.  Consider also, that John and I were born in different states, Iowa, and Illinois, respectively.  My parents wanted to be closer to their parents and ended up moving to Iowa.  We were in different elementary schools and finally noticed each other in high school.  Then we ended up working at the same place, became friends, and years later got married.  We now have two beautiful kids that wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t found each other.

Considering all of the above circumstances, people would determine early on that it’s not likely John and I would cross paths, let alone start a life together.  But God sees all things, and we believe that since we loved/love God, He saw it as good for us to be together, not to mention other family that has been and will continue to be used for Him.  What a marvelous God we serve!