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Exodus 20:1-21

While out doing errands last Saturday, I pulled in a left turn lane to stop at a stoplight.  As I waited there, I watched someone run a red light.  Maybe that person thought the yellow light would be longer.  Or, it could be that they were in a hurry and decided to run it.

What if someone thought, “I don’t need to stop at a stoplight.  That’s stupid.”  If they followed through with that thought, they may get away with it, but over time, odds are they’ll eventually face a wreck.

We know that if certain laws are broken, police can get involved.  If someone runs a red light, speeds excessively, etc., their safety and the safety of others is compromised, so cop cars are expected.

God has laws too, like the Ten Commandments.  His loving laws make life better.


Nehemiah 13:15-22, Exodus 23:12, Exodus 20:8-11

In Nehemiah, there was a warning against selling food on the Sabbath.  That reminded me of God’s commandment to keep the Sabbath holy.  God is okay with people working for six days, but then they (and working animals) should rest.

You’ve probably heard someone say, “Mother knows best” when she suggests something like chicken soup for a sick family member.  Mothers can have some good ideas, but really we should say, “God knows best.”  We should follow His loving fatherly commands.


Proverbs 22:6   Exodus 20:1-20

Out of the blue last week, our young daughter asked me if she was a criminal or a Christian.  I assured her that she wasn’t a criminal but that we are all sinners and should want to be Christians.  But it’s kind of like we’re criminals when we break God’s law, isn’t it.

Although our daughter certainly isn’t a criminal, sadly, there are kids out there that are.  Mothers and fathers have a big responsibility to be good examples and raise kids in a way that will not burden society and will please God.

Parents can turn to God for help with difficult kids.  Hang in there moms and dads!  Keep loving and keep forgiving.  Happy Mother’s Day!