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Joshua 3:7-4:7

Earlier this month, my family and I took a trip to Virginia Beach, VA.  One of our stops was at Appomattox, VA in the McLean House, where, on 4/9/1865, Lee surrendered to Grant.,_Virginia) Years of fighting and bloodshed preceded that surrender.  We remember the sacrifice many soldiers made.

Although Virginia is chock-full of history, Israel is loaded with history as well.  Because of God’s power, Israelites miraculously crossed over the Jordan River on dry ground, even though it was “at flood stage.”  Twelve stones were taken from the Jordan River’s middle ground to their camp.  Joshua then set the stones up as a memorial.  I guess Joshua had a different kind of Memorial Day.


1 Chronicles 16:33, Luke 19:40

While on my way home from an errand, I took an exit and slowed to a stop at a stoplight.  I looked down the hill and saw some beautiful  trees on the other side of the Interstate.  They were in various shades of green, including a striking bright green.  I watched them move in the wind and they reminded me of how some fans at music concerts wave their arms.  I believe the trees were celebrating God!

If you don’t agree, consider 1 Chronicles 16:33, where David mentions singing trees.  Singing trees are possible with our Creator, and even celebratory stones.

With Palm Sunday and Easter fresh on our minds, we remember that Jesus told the Pharisees regarding the disciples’ loud joyful praising of God, that if they were silent, the stones would cry out.

This is Earth Day and we need to remember that our God MADE EARTH!  PRAISE BE TO GOD!