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Genesis 1-2

Did you watch the documentary Genesis: Paradise Lost this past week?  My family watched it and I’m glad we did.  As part of the Creationist panel, there was an amazing scientist, Dr. Charles Jackson, with four degrees.  His discussion had us mesmerized.

Recently, I looked up at a beautiful, clear, night sky sprinkled with stars.  I watched a raccoon running down our street, and learned about chinstrap penguins and Eurasian Spoonbills.  The intricacies of the universe and the Kingdom Animalia did not just happen.  God created them.



Obadiah 15, Matthew 24

Where I live, there are more and more trees with no leaves left to fall.  What if there was one leaf left to fall?  I looked at a few poems about one last leaf falling and they were about death or loneliness.

What if you saw a tree with one leaf left and you knew that if it fell that would mean the day of the Lord had come? How would that make you feel?

In Matthew, we read that in the end times, there will be unequaled distress, then a darkened sun, a moon without light, stars falling, and the, “heavenly bodies will be shaken.”  Then, Jesus will come on the clouds, sending out His angels to gather those that are His.

Jesus let us know that He’ll come when we don’t expect Him.  He said, “Therefore keep watch…”