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John 18:1-9

One of the most interesting parts in the Bible is Jesus’ words right before He’s arrested and what followed.  Soldiers and Pharisees were coming after Jesus, but “they drew back and fell to the ground” after Jesus said, “I am he…”

Liberty Bible Commentary says about verse 6, “The crowd was caught off guard by the unusual behavior of Christ.  He calmly faced the crowd, identified Himself, and made no effort to escape.”

I wanted a visual for the action in John 18:4-6 and found a 2003 movie called, The Gospel of John.  With eager anticipation, I watched the scene where the actor for Jesus said, “I am he” and watched closely as Roman soldiers looked slightly fearful and walked backward a few steps.  Someone behind them seemed to have fallen since they looked down behind them.  Seriously?  If I could have directed that scene, I would want at least 10 falling Pharisees and soldiers.  Bummer.



Joshua 3:7-4:7

Earlier this month, my family and I took a trip to Virginia Beach, VA.  One of our stops was at Appomattox, VA in the McLean House, where, on 4/9/1865, Lee surrendered to Grant.,_Virginia) Years of fighting and bloodshed preceded that surrender.  We remember the sacrifice many soldiers made.

Although Virginia is chock-full of history, Israel is loaded with history as well.  Because of God’s power, Israelites miraculously crossed over the Jordan River on dry ground, even though it was “at flood stage.”  Twelve stones were taken from the Jordan River’s middle ground to their camp.  Joshua then set the stones up as a memorial.  I guess Joshua had a different kind of Memorial Day.

Matthew 26:52-53

After Jesus was arrested,  He rebuked someone that was with Him for using a sword in His defense.  Jesus said that God could provide more than 12 legions of angels.  Liberty Bible Commentary (New Testament) says, “Each Roman legion has six thousand soldiers.”  If Heavenly legions are the same, that would be more than 72,000 angels!

Mark 14:65, 15:15-41

I finished reading Mark last night.  As I read it this time around, I noticed sad details about how Jesus suffered.  He was beaten up three times before he was crucified.

First, after Jesus was questioned by the Sanhedrin, he was spat at, blindfolded, hit with fists, and beaten by guards.  Then, he was “scourged,”  which says is a Roman beating using “a multi-lashed whip containing imbedded [sic] pieces of bone and metal.”  After that, soldiers put a crown of thorns on him followed by repeated use of a staff to deliver blows to his head.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Jesus was crucified and endured the cross for six agonizing hours.  Why did Jesus suffer and die?  He did it for you.  He did it for me.  He was the sacrifice for the sins of all mankind.

Don’t forget what Jesus did.  Remember.