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Deuteronomy 32:11

We’ve had the pleasure of watching a pair of mourning doves and their two babies right outside our home.  Now that the babies are gaining independence with their wings, it’s always a surprise where we find them, maybe in our lilac bush, near our roses, etc.  It’s kind of like a living version of Where’s Waldo since they’re camouflaged.  Mommy Dove and Daddy Dove have done a good job taking care of them.

Our Heavenly Father compares Himself to an eagle parent that flutters above the young and carries the young on its wings.  That’s a picture of love.


Matthew 6:25, Matthew 10:31, Luke 18:1

If you’re a parent, life can be so beautiful, but also challenging, especially for the parents of very young kids.  I think that if a stressed out parent in Jesus’ time would have asked Him for advice, He would have said not to worry, not to be afraid, and not to give up.  I believe Jesus would say the same to today’s parents too.  Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there!


Ezekiel 31:6

We love gray catbirds in my home.  Just now I heard one singing in our backyard.  Our love for them has grown as they’ve shown their great curiosity about us.  One day, we put a toad house in our flower garden.  It wasn’t long before a catbird landed on a rock faced toward the toad house showing us that it noticed.  Another day, my husband, John, was getting leaves out of a gutter.  Later, the catbird flew right to that spot and looked down where he had been working.  Several days ago I went grocery shopping, parked our car in the carport, opened the trunk, and started carrying in the groceries.  Before I knew it, the catbird flew to our nearby lilac bush and watched me.  Even when I was done and shut the trunk, it didn’t fly off.  Soon after, I got an apple with grape jelly ready for it and put it out by the bird feeder.  It didn’t take long before a catbird came and ate.  Something that has been puzzling me, is that twice when we went on a walk in our neighborhood, a catbird would come and look at us.  Could it be that the same ones in our yard are curious about where we’re going and following us?

The above verse mentions birds making nests.    Recently, I noticed that a pair of catbirds must have made a nest in a bush by our back bedroom window.  As I mowed, I saw them fly low into the bush repeatedly.  Later, we saw their baby perched on another bush by our bay window.  As we watched, a parent catbird fed the baby.  According to Wikipedia, both parents help with feeding, and they protect the nest.  I find it incredible that catbird dads are dependable in helping to care for their young, but some human “dads” leave all the care for a single mom.  Happy Father’s Day to ALL of the dependable dads!


Joshua 1:7

In my opinion, usually movie choices at a theater are like choices from a pig trough.  But not so with the movie, “Courageous.”  Parents should definitely see it!  If you’re a busy parent that didn’t have a chance to see it in the theater, be bold and buy it on Tuesday or pre-order at  Then, when you’ve got it, after your young child or children are asleep, watch it.

This is a good movie!  If you don’t want to take my word for it, check out this review: