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Jeremiah 6:16

My family reads “Our Daily Bread” a lot.  On May 9, 2008, Mart De Haan wrote about a lady in labor and hero horses.  Enjoy this short Mother’s Day story:

Happy Mother’s Day!



Psalm 69:8

During my Bible reading, this verse (particularly the second half) piqued my curiosity.  What exactly did it mean by, “an alien unto my mother’s children”?  Liberty Bible Commentary says, “As the preference of David over his elder brethren aroused their jealousy (1 Sam 16:6-13), so too the Son of David was alien to the younger children of Mary during His earthly ministry (Jn 7:5); but they joined His followers after His resurrection (Acts 1:14).


Matthew 2:1-12, Luke 1:26-45, Luke 2:8-40

Jesus’ mom, Mary, had out-of-the-ordinary experiences before Jesus was born, but also after.  When she found out from an angel of God about her cousin Elizabeth’s pregnancy, she went to her house and greeted her.  Elizabeth let her know that when Mary greeted her, the baby inside her leapt.

When Jesus was born, shepherds came the same day after the angel encounter to Bethlehem to see Him.  I don’t think Mary or Joseph would have known any of the shepherds.

Eastern wise men came, worshiped the child Jesus in a house (Matt. 2:11), and gave gifts including gold.  The Reformation Study Bible (Sproul) says, “Jesus was no longer in a stable (Luke 2:7).  This visit was some time after the birth (v.1), perhaps a year or more (cf. v. 16),” and, “The “Magi” were not kings, but priests or court advisers…They were probably from Mesopotamia, the region of ancient Babylon, although other locations east of Palestine have been suggested.” Mary (and Joseph if he was there) were probably amazed to see the wise men with their gifts and hear their story of the star.

When Mary and Joseph brought their son to Jerusalem, a righteous man named Simeon blessed them.  An elderly prophetess, Anna, gave thanks.  Since Mary (and Joseph) were from Nazareth, they may have not known Simeon or Anna.

Of the people above that either knew of or saw Jesus as a baby or as a child, Mary probably only knew  Elizabeth.  It seems to me that Mary might have expected the unexpected.

Proverbs 22:6   Exodus 20:1-20

Out of the blue last week, our young daughter asked me if she was a criminal or a Christian.  I assured her that she wasn’t a criminal but that we are all sinners and should want to be Christians.  But it’s kind of like we’re criminals when we break God’s law, isn’t it.

Although our daughter certainly isn’t a criminal, sadly, there are kids out there that are.  Mothers and fathers have a big responsibility to be good examples and raise kids in a way that will not burden society and will please God.

Parents can turn to God for help with difficult kids.  Hang in there moms and dads!  Keep loving and keep forgiving.  Happy Mother’s Day!