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(Repost with minor revisions)

2 Samuel 22, 21:15-17a

I read about a battle between Israel and the Philistines.  David was exhausted and a Philistine named, Ishbi-Benob,  wanted to kill him.  Then Abishai came forward and killed the Philistine.  I believe God used Abishai to rescue David.  David was a thankful man and sang in celebration after God helped him many times.

Eight years ago today, God rescued me.  I was driving on Bever Avenue, a busy street, when someone ran a stop sign and headed for the left front of the car.  I was forced to swerve immediately to the right onto a side street, and unfortunately, there was a little car that suddenly appeared at a stop sign there, right in my path.  I braced for the impact as my tires screeched, but instead, the front of our car just seemed to float.  I opened my eyes and saw the little car I had tried to avoid still at the stop sign, with no damage.  I was pointed in the right direction.  Shaken, I drove very slowly and found a place to park.  I checked out the car.  There wasn’t any damage, and I wasn’t injured!

Believe what you like, but I believe God sent an angel to pick up our car.  Thanks be to God, my rescuer!  God helps me in many ways, but the heavenly help on Bever Avenue that afternoon stands out.  Every year now, when I put up a new calendar, I write on the month of May, “Heavenly help on Bever Ave,” so I can remember what God did for me.


John 6:15-21

Today, Emily, Ethan, Ezzo (our miniature American Eskimo) and I went to a nearby park.  About halfway into the walk, I looked behind us and saw a man in a red shirt and khaki shorts with a young child.  I didn’t think anything of it until I looked ahead and saw a man in a red shirt and khaki shorts with a young child.  Knowing that wasn’t humanly possible for the man to get ahead of us, I looked quickly behind us and ahead of us and saw there were two men, wearing the same thing, both with young kids.

You remember how Jesus walked on water to His disciples.  You may be fuzzy on the details though.  It was dark and the disciples had rowed roughly four miles out on a lake. Jesus walked on the surface of the water to them.  After He persuaded them not to be afraid, He got in the boat.  Once he did so, they were all instantly at the shore in the boat.

We know the disciples were afraid with the walking on the water miracle, but how do you think they felt after the instant teleportation Jesus provided?  I’m guessing they were afraid again, but maybe relieved that they didn’t have to row that far.  Isn’t Jesus awesome?  Nothing is impossible with Him!