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Psalm 148

On Friday morning, I woke up at 5:30 which is unusually early for me.  I heard a cardinal singing.  I went to the kitchen window and saw it.  A robin began to sing and I watched a pair of ducks fly by.  It was like they couldn’t wait to start the day by praising God.  Psalm 148 says, “Praise the Lord from the earth, you…flying birds…”

Tomorrow is Monday and many seem to go into “miserable mode” when it arrives.  The birds around here face hawks and cats almost every day.  They sang anyway.   Instead of expecting Monday monotony, let’s, like the birds, start our day praising God.  Even if you don’t sing well, SING to our king!  I hope you have a magnificent Monday!


Genesis 37:23-24, Genesis 41:15-41, Daniel 6, Daniel 2:24-49

Our kids, Emily and Ethan, heard about Joseph (of the Old Testament) today.  And, not long ago, I finished reading the book of Daniel.  I noticed the two men had interesting similarities.  First, Joseph was thrown into a pit and Daniel was thrown into a den of lions.  Second, Joseph interpreted Pharoah’s dream and Daniel interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.  Finally, Joseph was put in charge of Egypt and Daniel was put in charge of Babylon.

Since Daniel and Joseph had so much in common, if they had been in the same time period,  in the same setting, I think they could have been friends.  But maybe they’ve already bonded in Heaven…

Mark 16:14-20, Luke 19:28-40

Why do people clap?  Isn’t it partly because they respect certain people, like Billy Graham, or they like something, perhaps a symphony orchestra piece?

Chances are you’ve seen many people clap.  I don’t know if anyone clapped for Jesus while He was on earth.  I’m pretty sure though you’ll feel like clapping for Him after listening to this beautifully done sermon, entitled The Kingship of Jesus.

As you celebrate Easter, remember Palm Sunday.  Jesus rose from the dead and He is King!  Jesus deserves a standing ovation!

John 14:2-3, Revelation 21:9-21

Revelation 22:1-6, 12-16

The other day I was driving and a cloud caught my eye.  It looked like it had pink cotton candy on top of it.  Wouldn’t that be great if it really was cotton candy?  Well, things like that don’t happen on Earth, but if God wanted to, he could do that in Heaven.

Jesus is preparing a special place in Heaven for those saved Christians that cling to God’s word and strive to please Him.  In the book of John, we read that there are “many mansions.”  And in Revelation, we read that the New Jerusalem is made of gold with the wall foundations  “decorated with every kind of precious stone.”  The city gates are made of pearls.  Also, there is a crystal-clear river that comes from God’s throne and goes through the city’s center.  And by the river is the tree of life.  Liberty Bible Commentary says, “Satisfying fruit will be there in abundance; the saints will partake of it.”  It also states, “what was lost in Genesis is regained in the Revelation…”

Our God is a tremendously rich king, of course much greater than any earthly kings.  If our king reviews our lives and is pleased, we’ll get to enjoy what Jesus has been preparing for us.  I hope there’s a horse in my special place.  What do you hope is there for you?  Maybe someday God will provide His saints with real cotton candy clouds.

I’m thankful Jesus is coming soon!  Aren’t you?