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Joshua 3:7-4:7

Earlier this month, my family and I took a trip to Virginia Beach, VA.  One of our stops was at Appomattox, VA in the McLean House, where, on 4/9/1865, Lee surrendered to Grant.,_Virginia) Years of fighting and bloodshed preceded that surrender.  We remember the sacrifice many soldiers made.

Although Virginia is chock-full of history, Israel is loaded with history as well.  Because of God’s power, Israelites miraculously crossed over the Jordan River on dry ground, even though it was “at flood stage.”  Twelve stones were taken from the Jordan River’s middle ground to their camp.  Joshua then set the stones up as a memorial.  I guess Joshua had a different kind of Memorial Day.


Joshua 24:23-27, Psalm 89:37

When Joshua is about ready to die, he puts up a big rock as a witness for the people.  One definition for witness in Webster’s New World Dictionary is, “to be present at-bear witness to testify.”

Ethan the Ezrahite refers to the moon as a witness.  The moon is largely made up of rock (, so in my opinion, rocks, “rock” as witnesses.

Joshua 1:7

In my opinion, usually movie choices at a theater are like choices from a pig trough.  But not so with the movie, “Courageous.”  Parents should definitely see it!  If you’re a busy parent that didn’t have a chance to see it in the theater, be bold and buy it on Tuesday or pre-order at  Then, when you’ve got it, after your young child or children are asleep, watch it.

This is a good movie!  If you don’t want to take my word for it, check out this review: