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Jeremiah 6:16

My family reads “Our Daily Bread” a lot.  On May 9, 2008, Mart De Haan wrote about a lady in labor and hero horses.  Enjoy this short Mother’s Day story:

Happy Mother’s Day!



Psalm 72:6

With spring comes rain and beautiful flowers, and the need to mow.  In Psalm 72:6 (KJV), “mown grass” is mentioned, but it’s not referring to the mown grass we think of.  Here’s an explanation from

In early Bible times, mowing of the ripe grain was done with a short sickle made of pieces of sharp flint set in wood or even bone. As the Hebrews became more technologically advanced, they made sickles made of metal—bronze and then iron. The farmer grasped the grain with his left hand and lopped off the stalks fairly high up. They were then bound into sheaves and taken to the threshing floor.

The “king’s mowings” in Amos 7:1 refers to the first cut of spring herbage which was to be given as tribute to the kings of Israel to feed their horses. After that the owner of the field could have his portion.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

mo’-ing, (gez, “a shearing,” “cut grass”): In Ps 72:6 the good king’s rule is said to be “like rain upon the mown grass,” to start the new growth (compare 2Sa 23:4;Ho 6:3).”

2 Kings 6:8-20

Have you ever faced a problem that seemed insurmountable?  Elisha’s servant did.  He was troubled when he saw the city surrounded by an enemy army.  But the servant didn’t have to fret for long.  Elisha prayed that God would let his servant see what he could see:  chariots and horses of fire all throughout the hills, surrounding Elisha.  What an awesome and assuring sight for the servant to behold!  You can almost feel peace sweeping through verse 17 as you imagine Elisha and his servant together witnessing the mighty protection of God.

Sometimes we can take our safety for granted.  So, if you generate a list of what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving, remember to thank God for all of the unknown protection!  THANKS be to God for GIVING us protection!