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Joshua 3:7-4:7

Earlier this month, my family and I took a trip to Virginia Beach, VA.  One of our stops was at Appomattox, VA in the McLean House, where, on 4/9/1865, Lee surrendered to Grant.,_Virginia) Years of fighting and bloodshed preceded that surrender.  We remember the sacrifice many soldiers made.

Although Virginia is chock-full of history, Israel is loaded with history as well.  Because of God’s power, Israelites miraculously crossed over the Jordan River on dry ground, even though it was “at flood stage.”  Twelve stones were taken from the Jordan River’s middle ground to their camp.  Joshua then set the stones up as a memorial.  I guess Joshua had a different kind of Memorial Day.

President-elect Barack Obama speaks to the cro...

President-elect Barack Obama speaks to the crowd gathered at the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., Jan. 18, 2009, during the inaugural opening ceremonies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Proverbs 31:4

Last week, President Barack Obama came to our city of Cedar Rapids.  He stayed at the Marriott near our home,  and his motorcade severely slowed traffic (My husband experienced that firsthand since he was trying to get groceries-including ice cream, home).

Anyway, you may be wondering why I bolded the “Bar” part of Obama’s first name.  It’s because he’s been showing a great love for beer.  At the Iowa State Fair, he went to a beer tent, got beer, and Time Magazine reported he said, “Hey, everyone who’s over 21, you got to buy a beer!”  And the next night, he went to a pub in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  Obama has also bought a brewery for the White House.  The Washington Post has more on that and Obama’s “Iowa Beer Tour.”

President Obama loves beer, but he also loves Abraham Lincoln.  He’s shown that love in various ways, such as going to a Lincoln restaurant, calling Lincoln his “homeboy,” etc.  But is he like Lincoln?  Consider these words from a website that reprinted a sermon from Dr. D. James Kennedy:

Lincoln had been to Calvary. His heart and mind were changed. The last speech he gave three days before his death was one in which he said that he was submitting a proclamation for a national day of thanksgiving to God. He said, also, that now that the abomination of slavery was removed, the next point on the agenda would be to get rid of the curse of alcohol which had so plagued the land. In his last meeting with his Cabinet on that Thursday morning in opposition to strongly held opinions by some of his Cabinet members, he said: “There will be no recriminations against the South.” 
If he had lived, the history of postwar South would have been far different, indeed. His last act was to issue an edict that henceforth, on every coin would be printed the words: “In God We Trust.” Lincoln had been to Calvary. That night he was invited to Ford’s Theater to see a play he wasn’t really interested in. He had received that very day the news that the war was over. He sat in his chair in the presidential box that was supposed to be guarded by a soldier. He had talked about the curse of liquor that plagued the land. That afternoon a man from the South crossed the street and went into a tavern and had a number of drinks. His name was John Wilkes Booth. That evening a soldier from the North left his post, crossed the same street and entered the same tavern to have a drink while the aforementioned actor quietly opened the unguarded door to the President’s box and went in.

Lincoln was sitting up talking to his wife, not paying any attention to the play. He said, “Mary, do you know what I would like to do now? Now that the war is over, we could go to the Near East. [Booth stepped up behind the President] We could go to Bethlehem where He was born. We could visit Bethany where those hallowed steps were so often heard.” [Booth pointed his gun at the back of Lincoln’s head.] Lincoln continued, “And we could go up to Jeru..” BANG!. . . the maddest pistol shot in history rang forth.

Lincoln was carried across the street to a boarding house (which is now a museum) and laid diagonally across the bed that was too short for his huge frame. On the next day, Good Friday, he died.

So do you think Lincoln would approve of Obama’s love of alcohol?  Of course not.  However, I think Lincoln would agree with Proverbs 31:4 which is against rulers craving beer.

If Barack Obama really wants to be like Abraham Lincoln, he should brush up on Lincoln’s presidential history, and stop promoting alcohol.