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1 Kings 18:45-46, 1 Kings 19:19-20

In studying 1 Kings 19:19-20 I found out that there apparently has been some controversy over the financial status of Elisha because of the number of oxen Elijah found him with.  Some wonder if Elisha owned all twelve yoke of oxen.  Some think Elisha and/or his father must have been rich.  In my study, however, I wasn’t searching for an answer to whether Elisha was wealthy or not.  It was verses 19b and 20a that piqued my curiosity, but I couldn’t find any source that addressed my question.  My question is that if Elisha just got Elijah’s cloak thrown on him, why did he have to run after Elijah?

In the above verses, Elisha was working with oxen when Elijah passed him, and threw the cloak on him.  Then, Elisha had to run after him.

At one point in Elijah’s life, he put his cloak in his belt, and was able to sprint past Ahab and his chariot to Jezreel’s city gate.  God helped Elijah run in that serious situation, but I wonder if Elijah was feeling playful and asked God to let him run like that again by Elisha.

It could be that Elijah was simply walking briskly past Elisha.  It appears it’s just one of those questions I’ll have to ask in Heaven someday.



Luke 9:28-33

Whenever I read Luke 9:33, it makes me smile.  While Moses and Elijah are leaving Jesus, Peter proposes making shelters for each of them.  This verse says, “…(He did not know what he was saying.)”  So, maybe later, Peter thought, “Why did I say that?”

I went to two sources for insight on Luke 9:33.  Liberty Bible Commentary says, “The three disciples were fast asleep while all this was transpiring, and were surprised by what they saw when they awoke.”

The Reformation Study Bible  by R. C. Sproul says, “Peter suggests building structures of some kind, perhaps to enable the experience to be prolonged.”

Peter probably didn’t know that people in the future would be analyzing his words.  Poor Peter.  His heart was in the right place.

1 Kings 17:2-6

I read a book about animals recently called, Unlikely Heroes by Jennifer Holland.  The story that impressed me the most was one involving Willie, a chatty Quaker Parrot.  A friend was watching the little girl of another friend.  She put the girl’s Pop-Tart on the table, saw that she was watching cartoons, and briefly left the room.  She hadn’t been gone long when Willie started squawking.  Then he said repeatedly, “Mama!  Baby!”  When the friend heard that, she rushed out to see that the little girl was choking.  She did the Heimlich maneuver and then the little girl was fine.  “But…the women say,…that though Willie knew the word mama, he’d never before combined it with the word baby.  And he hasn’t said them together since.”

You may remember how God used ravens to transport food to Elijah.  I believe God uses animals to help people.


1 Kings 4:27-28, 2 Kings 2:11, 2 Kings 6:17, Job 39:19, Isaiah 63:13, Ezekiel 26:10, Zechariah 6:1-7, Zechariah 14:20, Acts 23:24, Revelation 19:11-14, Psalm 20:7

My family knows I love horses and recently our son asked me if there are any horse verses in the Bible.  I could think of about three off-hand and then happily decided to do a brief study.  There are many horse verses in the Bible but I have linked to my favorite ones.

Here are some of my findings:

2 Kings 2:11 – This is where fire horses and chariots came to take Elijah to Heaven.

2 Kings 6:17 – Elisha’s servant was made able to see the fire chariots and horses around Elisha.

Job 39:19 – God spoke about giving the horse strength and a “flowing mane.”

Ezekiel 26:10 – Ezekiel reveals a message from God that involves a large number of loud, “war horses.”

Zechariah 6:1-7 – The prophet saw two bronze mountains and four chariots with strong horses.

Zechariah 14:20 – A holy inscription will be on the bells of some horses.

Acts 23:24 – A commander arranged for horses for Paul so he could get to Governor Felix safely.

When God created the horse, he created a remarkable animal.  But since some elevate the horse too high, it’s good to note that Psalm 20:7 says, “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.”

2 Kings 2:7-12, Revelation 11:1-14

Recently, my daughter asked me to look at some clouds.  When I glanced upward, I noticed they looked like fire.

As you know, in 2 Kings, Elijah left Earth with a fiery chariot and fiery horses (how many horses I am not sure).  Did you know, though, that in Revelation 11, there are two witnesses some believe are Elijah and Enoch, others think are Elijah and Moses, and many more believe the witnesses are like Elijah and Moses (Liberty Bible Commentary)?  God calls to the witnesses and they go to Heaven in a cloud.

Because Moses died and Elijah didn’t, it is my opinion that the two witnesses are Elijah and someone like Moses.  I believe Elijah exited Earth with fire first, and think he will leave in a cloud later.

Artists have tried to capture Elijah’s first grand departure.  I saw one artwork where the artist showed a fiery chariot, but not fiery horses.  Maybe he or she (the illustrator wasn’t credited) was uncertain how to draw fiery horses.

Do you have a picture in your mind of what Elijah going to Heaven might have looked like?  You may not agree with an artist’s ideas.

What if you could go back in time to that day?  What would you see?  Imagine it…