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Deuteronomy 32:11

We’ve had the pleasure of watching a pair of mourning doves and their two babies right outside our home.  Now that the babies are gaining independence with their wings, it’s always a surprise where we find them, maybe in our lilac bush, near our roses, etc.  It’s kind of like a living version of Where’s Waldo since they’re camouflaged.  Mommy Dove and Daddy Dove have done a good job taking care of them.

Our Heavenly Father compares Himself to an eagle parent that flutters above the young and carries the young on its wings.  That’s a picture of love.


Ezekiel 17:1-3

When reading Ezekiel, I was mesmerized by this verse about a colorful, enormous eagle that grasped a cedar tree top.  I wondered what it meant.

The Reformation Study Bible by R. C. Sproul says, “Ezekiel propounds an allegory.  The great eagle is the imperial might of Babylon, represented by Nebuchadnezzar.”