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Matthew 22:37-39, Ephesians 4:31

Because of a friend’s recommendation, on Christmas Eve, my family went to see The Grinch.  We liked it so much we plan to get the DVD when it’s released.  The Grinch mostly lived a loveless life in a cave on a mountain.  His bitterness dominated his days.  At the end of the story though, love wins.

Do you know someone like The Grinch, only he or she isn’t becoming loving?  God doesn’t want people to be bitter.  He wants us to be full of love and showing Christian love.


Jeremiah 51:15, Isaiah 40:22

I ran across Jeremiah 51:15, and was fascinated by the second part of the verse which says that God, “stretched out the heavens.”  I learned in the DVD, “God of Wonders,” that there are several other verses that mention the same thing.  They said that in the 20th Century, it was observed that, “virtually all of the galaxies appear to be moving away from each other as if [the] entire universe is being stretched out and expanded.”

Man figured out really late what God knew long ago.  God is always right.