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Genesis 1-2

Did you watch the documentary Genesis: Paradise Lost this past week?  My family watched it and I’m glad we did.  As part of the Creationist panel, there was an amazing scientist, Dr. Charles Jackson, with four degrees.  His discussion had us mesmerized.

Recently, I looked up at a beautiful, clear, night sky sprinkled with stars.  I watched a raccoon running down our street, and learned about chinstrap penguins and Eurasian Spoonbills.  The intricacies of the universe and the Kingdom Animalia did not just happen.  God created them.



Genesis 1:1

Isaiah 40:26

On 12/16/12, I did a post on the dwarf planet, Ceres and said, “NASA’s Dawn spacecraft plans to be in its orbit in 2015.”  I closed the post by saying that God already knew what they’d find since He created it.

Since it’s 2017, there is news to report on Ceres (the biggest object found in 1801 between Mars and Jupiter in the asteroid belt) on this link (warning:  not a Creationist view!):

Here are some of their findings (Viewed 240 miles from Ceres, which is closer than Earth’s International Space Station is):

  • has a “crater chain”
  • Occator Crater is 55 miles wide
  • possible salts (Watch the rotation video)
  • The diameter is about 600 miles which is about the size of Texas
  • has ice and rock, mountains (one more than 20,000 ft. which is close to North America’s highest mountain, Alaska’s Mt. Denali at 20,310 ft.) and valleys
  • Some scientists think there was an ocean underground.
  • The mission director thinks the streaks on the mountain slopes could mean an unknown substance used to flow down it.  He invites the reader to imagine “an eruption of some strange combination of water and other chemicals on this cold, distant world.”

They want to get within 120 miles from Ceres.  They don’t want Dawn to land on Ceres because they want to avoid bringing contaminants.  The mission has been extended and the director thinks Dawn can keep working until the latter half of 2018.

Dawn’s mission director confidently said, “But the ship (Dawn) will remain in orbit around Ceres as surely as the moon remains in orbit around Earth and Earth remains in orbit around the sun.”  Ceres has a pummeled surface with a collection of craters, so God will decide if Dawn remains in orbit.  Also, Isaiah reveals that God calls planets by their name.  I’m guessing that includes dwarf planets.  Ceres was named by man for a Roman goddess of agriculture and grain.  I don’t know what God would call this dwarf planet, but it sure wouldn’t be Ceres.