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Matthew 2:1-12

One morning earlier this month, sunlight came through our kitchen window and shined like a spotlight on our Nativity scene.  That light reminded me of the star we associate with Jesus’ birth.

What do we know about the star?  In Matthew 2:1-2 we read that Eastern Magi saw “his star” and they desired “to worship him.”  Also, the star “went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was.”

The NIV Study Bible says about the star, “Probably not an ordinary star, planet or comet, though some scholars have identified it with the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.”  And R. C. Sproul, who is now with our Lord, had said in The Reformation Study Bible about the star, “This may have been a planetary conjunction, a supernova, or something purely supernatural.”

It really sounds like the Magi got a show.  The star was like a spotlight on Jesus, the real star.


Psalm 34:18

Last Monday, my kids, Emily and Ethan, noticed tattoos on a cashier.  One tattoo especially caught Emily’s attention.  It said, “Psalm 34:18.”  She told the cashier, “I like your tattoo.”  Those kind words sparked an unexpected heartfelt story.  The cashier told us that three years ago she lost her 30-year-old son.  It was discovered that he died of an enlarged heart.  She pointed to her Psalm 34:18 tattoo, saying how that verse is about God being near to those who are brokenhearted.  She shared her frustration that there is a word for a woman or man who loses a spouse, and that there is a word for a child that loses their parent or parents, but there is no word for a parent who loses a child.  She said she believes there is no word for it because it’s not supposed to happen.  The cashier continued, saying that her son would do anything for her.  As she was talking, I was thinking that her son not only had a big heart physically, but also a big heart emotionally.  She shared that her son would get her a rose just because.  She explained that that’s why she has a rose tattoo.  She said how she misses her son and believes she’ll be with him again one day.

I’ve seen God’s Word shared in many ways, but never via a tattoo.  God is using that cashier to share His Word in a special way.

John 6:15-21

Today, Emily, Ethan, Ezzo (our miniature American Eskimo) and I went to a nearby park.  About halfway into the walk, I looked behind us and saw a man in a red shirt and khaki shorts with a young child.  I didn’t think anything of it until I looked ahead and saw a man in a red shirt and khaki shorts with a young child.  Knowing that wasn’t humanly possible for the man to get ahead of us, I looked quickly behind us and ahead of us and saw there were two men, wearing the same thing, both with young kids.

You remember how Jesus walked on water to His disciples.  You may be fuzzy on the details though.  It was dark and the disciples had rowed roughly four miles out on a lake. Jesus walked on the surface of the water to them.  After He persuaded them not to be afraid, He got in the boat.  Once he did so, they were all instantly at the shore in the boat.

We know the disciples were afraid with the walking on the water miracle, but how do you think they felt after the instant teleportation Jesus provided?  I’m guessing they were afraid again, but maybe relieved that they didn’t have to row that far.  Isn’t Jesus awesome?  Nothing is impossible with Him!