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Luke 24:13-35

My family loves to go on walks.  So when I read this passage about two people taking a famous walk with Jesus on the Road to Emmaus, it grabbed my attention.  Can you imagine going on a walk and then Jesus joins you?  Wow!  A fascinating twist though, was that the people walking to Emmaus with Jesus didn’t realize it was Him until it was time to eat and He gave them bread.  Then, they were allowed to recognize Him.  Once they recognized Him, He disappeared.

One great thing about Heaven is that Jesus lives there.  And whenever Christians enter Heaven, they can enjoy Jesus eternally.


Luke 2:8-20, 6:12, 9:10-17, 13:10-17

On Good Friday night, my family watched the movie, Jesus (1979).  We had watched it several times before, but this time I took notes.  This movie is based on the book of Luke and is careful to adhere to Scripture.  Still, I wanted to analyze how the movie helped enrich our understanding of what Jesus and others might have experienced.

In Luke 2:8-20, at the beginning of Jesus’ earthly life, shepherds reside in fields at night, guarding flocks from whatever lurked in the dark.  They would surely have been prepared for any predators.  What they didn’t expect was an angel.  The Bible lets us know that the shepherds were frightened.  The movie did well showing shepherds initially doing their job with one shepherd even playing a flute-like instrument.  But when the angel arrived, the flute playing stopped and you see one shepherd stop petting a lamb, get up, stagger, and stare.  It felt realistic.

In Luke 6:12, it’s mentioned that Jesus spent the whole night praying.  There was a convincing scene for that.  Imagine staying up the entire night praying!  That’s amazing!

In Luke 9:10-17, Jesus miraculously fed more than 5,000 people with a small amount of bread and fish.  Everyone ate until they were full.  The movie added cheering people when the food was being distributed, which I thought was a nice touch.  It could have happened-Who doesn’t want a free all you can eat buffet?

In Luke 13:10-17, A woman who must have had kyphosis, praised God after Jesus healed her.  In the movie, the elderly actress spoke heartfelt dialogue as she moved to frame Jesus’ face with her hands saying, “Praise to the Lord!  God keep you Rabbi.”  I got teary with her believable lines.

Jesus is a good movie.  It prepared our hearts for Easter Sunday.   The movie makes me think of a framed quote in my dentist’s office that says, “It was not the nails that held Jesus to the cross but rather his love for us.”


Judges 6:11-24

When Gideon prepared food for the Lord, he chose to prepare meat and unleavened bread.  He was instructed to set it on a rock, which he did.  Then, the Lord touched the food with His staff, causing fire to consume the meat and bread.

When I told Emily, my daughter, about Gideon and what he made for the Lord, she was very interested.  She told me that she wanted to make God a cheesecake.  She wondered if He’d like that.  I told her that God probably smiled at her idea of a sweet treat for Him.  What sweet love!

John 6:1-15

My husband and I have an anniversary coming up soon and we’ve been celebrating with our kids.  I made a white cake on Friday and we’ve been enjoying the tasty leftovers.

Jesus miraculously fed thousands with five little loaves and two little fish.  When everyone had eaten, Jesus spoke to the disciples saying, “Gather the pieces that are left over.  Let nothing be wasted.”  They were able to gather enough pieces from the loaves to fill 12 baskets.  Knowing Jesus, filling 12 baskets probably had special meaning.  Maybe each of the 12 disciples had a basket.  From reading the above passage, it sounds to me like the leftover bread ended up being more than the five little loaves Jesus started with.  Jesus’ disciples must have been in a near constant state of amazement with the magnitude of His miracles!



Deuteronomy 8:3

The other night I dreamed I was driving at night looking for a Mexican restaurant.  When I found one, it was an outdoor restaurant where customers had spilled lots of lettuce.  It had just closed so I drove on.

I must have been hungry before I dreamed that dream.  We’re all familiar with physical hunger.  But what about spiritual hunger?

Today, I heard someone excitedly say that about a dozen kids were saved at a vacation bible school.  Kids getting saved is spiritual hunger.

Moses let the people know that God was teaching them they didn’t live only by bread but by His Word.  Let’s beef up our spiritual hunger.