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Deuteronomy 32:11

We’ve had the pleasure of watching a pair of mourning doves and their two babies right outside our home.  Now that the babies are gaining independence with their wings, it’s always a surprise where we find them, maybe in our lilac bush, near our roses, etc.  It’s kind of like a living version of Where’s Waldo since they’re camouflaged.  Mommy Dove and Daddy Dove have done a good job taking care of them.

Our Heavenly Father compares Himself to an eagle parent that flutters above the young and carries the young on its wings.  That’s a picture of love.


Isaiah 44:24

Our son just had a birthday and he had fun celebrating with family and friends.  We later looked lovingly at his baby pictures and marveled at how much he has grown.  It’s incredible to think that God started our son’s life at a microscopic level.  Life is a miracle!  But there are those out there trying to spread a lie about newly forming babies.  They actually call them a “blob of tissue.”  Don’t believe them!