Mark 11:1-11

When Jesus and His disciples were on their way to Jerusalem, they came to the Mount of Olives.  According to wikipedia, the Mount of Olives used to have olive groves all over the slopes.  I like to think that the olive groves were there when Jesus came.  Maybe He and His disciples ate olives there before the rest of the trek to Jerusalem.

As I read today’s Scripture in English, I wondered what praise Jesus, who spoke Greek, would have actually heard as He rode the colt to Jerusalem.  My Bible says, “Hosanna!”  I looked up the Greek word for Hosanna, and although I don’t think this computer has the characters to type the written word for Hosanna, I can at least type a pronunciation which is very close to the English word.  In Greek, it is pronounced, “Osanna, ” without the “H” sound, and with the last syllable accented.

So, today, you can praise Jesus in English, Greek, or in whatever language you speak.  Happy Palm Sunday!

Luke 9:1, 10-11

As you may know, Jesus gave His disciples power to cure diseases.  Later, at Bethsaida, He, “healed those who needed healing.”

Late last year, I presented with hoarseness to a local doctor and was soon diagnosed with silent reflux.  Prior to that diagnosis, I was very healthy.  But, evidently, over time, my esophagus had been damaged by stomach acid getting past the damaged “doors”(Sorry if you’re eating right now) and eating acidic food.  I’m on a strict diet now where I can’t eat anything lower than pH5 (so no oranges, salsa, etc.).  Before my diagnosis, I drank orange juice and enjoyed lots of salsa.  Also, stress is pH3, so I have been trying to manage stress.

The last time I saw my ENT doctor, he said my vocal cords were red and swollen.  But a little time has passed and my voice is getting stronger, which I’m grateful for since my family sings/plays for Children’s Church.  I’m hopeful for healing on the horizon.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Have you done any spring cleaning lately?  We’ve been decluttering our home by getting things like boxes and packing from numerous orders out of the house for trash day.  I used to groan when trash day was upon us, but now, it feels so good to declutter, that I look forward to it.

Like clutter in a home, sin clutters our body temples which house the Holy Spirit if one is saved.  If there is sin you haven’t asked forgiveness for, it’s time to take out the trash.  It’s time for spiritual spring cleaning.


Matthew 6:15, Luke 6:28

Pretty recently, I got unexpected news.  A classmate died.  She was someone that mistreated me in elementary school and middle school.  I had already forgiven her, but after learning of her death, I prayed God would have mercy on her soul.

Do you know of someone that mistreated or mistreats you?  Forgive them and pray for them.  If we don’t forgive others, God can’t forgive us.

Philippians 1:21

Today, I’m reblogging a post from 3/10/13.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I heard a sermon about St. Patrick and learned that he was English and not Irish.  So, although he wouldn’t wear an, “Irish and proud of it” t-shirt I saw advertised, I bet he would wear a, “Christian and proud of it” t-shirt.  One verse he lived by was Philippians 1:21 which says, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

The pastor challenged listeners to ask themselves if they’re living for Christ or something else.  If you or someone you know is living for something other than Jesus, that needs to change.  When it’s all said and done, all that matters is where you stand with Jesus.

Luke 6:17-19

Jesus certainly had enemies on earth, but he also had a lot of fans.  At one point in Luke, a massive crowd traveled to hear Jesus.  Many came hoping for healing.  The people were rewarded for seeking Jesus.  As many people as there were, ALL of them attempted to touch Jesus since power was emanating from Him.  Do you know what happened?  They were ALL healed!

Can you imagine that scene?  I picture Jesus with His arms out, with too many pleading people pushing and desperately trying to reach out and touch Him.  I searched online to see any art inspired from this Scripture.  However, I was disappointed to see lame art.  What I saw was a still, sparse group of people looking rather relaxed and definitely not trying to get to Him.  Nevertheless, we can still try to visualize that great event.

Do you need healing?  Seek our Super Savior!

Genesis 17:5, Genesis 17:15, Revelation 2:17, Psalm 100:4

Has your name ever been changed?  The only time my name was changed was when I got married.  If someone gets a name change for another reason, that involves the Clerk of Court at a courthouse.  There can be a petition to the court, a hearing and pricey fees.

When God changed Abram’s name to Abraham and Sarai’s name to Sarah, it didn’t involve a Clerk of Court, petitions, hearings or pricey fees.  God changed other people’s names in the Bible too and He’s not done changing names.  In Heaven, one can receive a new name on a white stone.

John 8:12

I found out this past week that our nearby, elderly neighbor passed away.  She was an outgoing Christian and we’ll miss her.  Her address is no longer on our street.  Her house is dark inside.  But we take comfort in knowing that where she lives now, there is no darkness.  What’s her address?  She lives in Heaven in light with the light of this world, Jesus.

Acts 16:16-40, James 1:2-4 John 15:13

Last night, my family and I watched the 1987 movie classic, Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  The character, Uncle Tom, displayed exemplary Christian behavior.  At one point, Tom was on a large steamboat and became quick friends with a young girl, Eva.  While talking, Eva sat on a ledge against a weak railing and tumbled down into the water.  Tom’s foot was chained to the boat, but, he managed to break free and dove into the water.  He was able to save her by risking his life.  Much later, Tom was sold to Simon Legree.  One day, Tom was walking with others that had been picking cotton.  He had picked the most.  Then, he noticed a woman wasn’t well.  She told him what would happen to her since she didn’t pick very much cotton.  He then stuffed a lot of his own cotton into her bag to help her.  Simon Legree was informed about what Tom had done.  Mr. Legree then asked Tom to whip the woman.  Tom said he couldn’t do a sin like that.  Mr. Legree took great offense and had Tom whipped.  Afterward, Tom was alone and singing about Jesus.  A fellow slave came to take care of his wounds.  She couldn’t believe he was singing about Jesus.  Tom smiled at her surprise, stopped to exclaim that of course he’d sing about Jesus, and then continued to sing.

James 1:2-4 says that we should be joyful when we’re up against trials because it needs to lead to perseverance in order to become complete.  In Acts 16, Paul and Silas were cruelly whipped, forced into prison, and their feet were put in stocks.  What happened next?  They sang hymns.  So, despite whatever may be going on in your life, sing to Jesus.

Judges 6:11-24

When Gideon prepared food for the Lord, he chose to prepare meat and unleavened bread.  He was instructed to set it on a rock, which he did.  Then, the Lord touched the food with His staff, causing fire to consume the meat and bread.

When I told Emily, my daughter, about Gideon and what he made for the Lord, she was very interested.  She told me that she wanted to make God a cheesecake.  She wondered if He’d like that.  I told her that God probably smiled at her idea of a sweet treat for Him.  What sweet love!