Luke 9:1, 10-11

As you may know, Jesus gave His disciples power to cure diseases.  Later, at Bethsaida, He, “healed those who needed healing.”

Late last year, I presented with hoarseness to a local doctor and was soon diagnosed with silent reflux.  Prior to that diagnosis, I was very healthy.  But, evidently, over time, my esophagus had been damaged by stomach acid getting past the damaged “doors”(Sorry if you’re eating right now) and eating acidic food.  I’m on a strict diet now where I can’t eat anything lower than pH5 (so no oranges, salsa, etc.).  Before my diagnosis, I drank orange juice and enjoyed lots of salsa.  Also, stress is pH3, so I have been trying to manage stress.

The last time I saw my ENT doctor, he said my vocal cords were red and swollen.  But a little time has passed and my voice is getting stronger, which I’m grateful for since my family sings/plays for Children’s Church.  I’m hopeful for healing on the horizon.