Matthew 4:4

In recent news, a store owner in Canada was frustrated with squirrels that took candy bars.  The candy bars were treasures to those squirrels.  Maybe they were squirreled away in a tree.  Out of Curiosity, I decided to put out a small candy bar with nuts near our bird feeder to see what our neighborhood squirrels would do.  After a couple of days, a squirrel came and quickly munched the candy bar away.  Clearly, the candy bar was an edible treasure to the squirrel.

Yesterday, our young American Eskimo dog had some wall guard instructions in his mouth and got ready to plop down and chew on them.  The instructions were an edible treasure to him (until I asked him to give them to me).

When Jesus said that man shouldn’t live only by bread, but by each word that comes from God’s mouth, that sounds like spiritual food to me.  So, the way I see it, we should see Scripture, our instructions, as a sort of edible treasure.  Eat it up.