Matthew 3:13, Matthew 8:26-27, Matthew 14:28-32, John 4:7-18, John 21:1-14

I realized the other day that Jesus was often in close proximity to water.  Last week, I mentioned Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist.  Jesus planned to be baptized by him.

Jesus didn’t do things on a whim.  He is our deliberate deliverer.  So, when he was in water (the baptism), on water, or near water, it was deliberate.

When Jesus walked on the water, he was teaching a lesson in faith.  And when He calmed the wind and waves from a boat, that was also a lesson in faith.

Jesus was near water when he talked with the Samaritan woman at the well.  He taught her a lesson on eternal life.  And when Jesus was on the Sea of Galilee’s shore, he cooked fish for the disciples.  Although he fed them, meeting a physical need, I think one greater purpose on the shore was appearing again as His resurrected self.