Mark 14:65, 15:15-41

I finished reading Mark last night.  As I read it this time around, I noticed sad details about how Jesus suffered.  He was beaten up three times before he was crucified.

First, after Jesus was questioned by the Sanhedrin, he was spat at, blindfolded, hit with fists, and beaten by guards.  Then, he was “scourged,”  which says is a Roman beating using “a multi-lashed whip containing imbedded [sic] pieces of bone and metal.”  After that, soldiers put a crown of thorns on him followed by repeated use of a staff to deliver blows to his head.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Jesus was crucified and endured the cross for six agonizing hours.  Why did Jesus suffer and die?  He did it for you.  He did it for me.  He was the sacrifice for the sins of all mankind.

Don’t forget what Jesus did.  Remember.