Zechariah 8:4

In today’s local newspaper, I saw a picture of a lady that has a leap year birthday and will be turning eighty-four tomorrow.  The announcement of her upcoming birthday included the fact that she had only twenty-one actual birthdays.

How do you view old age?  In Zechariah 8:4, it says that elderly people “will sit in the streets of Jerusalem, each of them with cane in hand…”

If you’re curious what the above Scripture means exactly, I was too.  I consulted two sources to find out.  The Reformation Study Bible says, “A picture of God’s covenant blessings,” revealing “God’s blessing of long life.”

The Liberty Bible Commentary (Old Testament) goes more into detail saying, “…there is nothing in the streets (either war machine or evil person) that will do them harm.  They will be able to enjoy the fellowship of one another’s company in the open without fear.  Further, there will be no warfare to shorten the lifespan, thus every man with his staff in his hand for very age-all mankind will be able to grow to a ripe old age in perfect peace and security.”

Remember that long life is a blessing.  Happy Leap Year!