Genesis 17:5, 15, 32:28, Revelation 2:17

Before my husband was born, his parents decided that his name would be Timothy.  However, a teenager with the same name made the news at that time.  Timothy was in a vehicle that was hit by a train.  He was killed.  The news made an impact on my husband’s parents, and they changed his name to John before he was delivered.

In Genesis, I noticed three name changes.  God changed Abram’s name to Abraham, revealing that he was to become the “father of many nations.”  God also changed Sarai’s name to Sarah, explaining that she would be considered a “mother of nations.”  And in chapter 32, Jacob’s name was changed to Israel since he overcame after struggling with God and men.

If you’re living for God and you overcome, you can get a secret new name in Heaven.  Names are so significant.