Daniel 8:15-17, Luke 1:8-25, Luke 1:26-38

When I was reading Daniel, I was fascinated that the angel Gabriel talked to him.  I knew Gabriel talked with Mary in the New Testament, and became curious to know who else Gabriel talked to in the Bible.  I found out Gabriel talked with Zechariah, John the Baptist’s dad.  In each encounter, Daniel, Zechariah, and Mary, were all afraid of Gabriel.  Daniel was “terrified,”, Zechariah was “gripped with fear,” and Mary was “greatly troubled.”

In Zechariah’s encounter, he was initially fearful but must have mostly overcome his fear since he was able to ask Gabriel a question.  The problem is that his question, “How can I be sure of this?” annoyed Gabriel.  Gabriel then took away Zechariah’s ability to speak until his son was born.

“Who’s Who in the Bible” says, “The angel Gabriel makes three dramatic appearances in the Bible: to Daniel, to interpret visions of the future for the distraught prophet in Babylon; to Zechariah, the aged priest on duty in the temple, to announce that his wife would give birth to John the Baptist; and to the young virgin Mary, to announce that she would carry the Christ child.  All three appearances are linked to the coming Messiah.  Gabriel is also traditionally considered the angel who will trumpet Christ’s return…”.

If Gabriel’s the one that trumpets Jesus’ return, I suppose there will be a lot of fearful people.  I just hope I don’t say or do anything to annoy him…