Revelation 20:12, 15, 21:27

Our daughter, Emily has been working on a research paper for English.  The assignment was to research a place and find out what history happened there.  She chose a place in the United States which has a lot of history about a couple of famous men.  Seeking a source that wasn’t online, we pulled, “Twentieth-Century Dictionary of Christian Biography” off our shelf.  When we looked up their last name, sadly, we saw a last name that matched theirs, but not a first name.  Although they were famous, neither one of them were listed in the Christian source.

People that are dead that didn’t invite Christ in their lives, are expected to have a scary, fiery eternity.  Friend, before 2016 comes, and before Judgement Day comes, make sure you’re right with Jesus.  Remember that Heaven is recording what you do, so that when your turn to be evaluated comes and that Book of Life is opened, your first and last name will be found because you chose to live for Jesus.  Let Judgement Day be a thrilling day for you and not a chilling one.