Matthew 5:1, 8:1, 14:23, 15:29, 17:1, 28:16

If you’ve read Matthew before, you may have noticed that Jesus often went to a mountain.  In the above verses, Jesus sat on a mountain more than once, descended a mountainside, prayed on a mountain, led the way to a “high mountain” for the Transfiguration, and instructed the disciples to go to a mountain in Galilee.  At that mountain in Galilee, Jesus said, “…go and make disciples of all nations,…”

Does this make you feel like singing, “Go, Tell It On The Mountain”?  I enjoy that song and would love to sing it on a mountain, but, there are no mountains here.  Even so, the words say, “over the hills and everywhere.”  So, we can sing/tell about Jesus anywhere, but for me it would be more fun on a mountain.