Jonah 2:10, Matthew 12:40

I finished reading Jonah not long ago and stopped to think about the above verse which is about Jonah being vomited out of an extremely large fish.  Even a little vomit is gross to clean up, so I can’t imagine what it would have been like for Jonah to be in all of that vomit.  Since it was an enormous fish, I’m guessing it was a copious amount of vomit.  I wonder if Jonah even swam in it and dripped vomit afterwards.

Even though Jonah was thankful to have survived, he may have been so grossed out by the surrounding vomit, that he even vomited himself.  If Jonah wouldn’t have tried to sail away from God in the first place, he wouldn’t have experienced what was surely a nauseating moment.  So let’s learn from that vomit.  Let’s try our best to obey God.