Revelation 7:17

On November 10th, Emily, Ethan and I took our dog, Ezzo, on a walk.  It was 57 degrees.  We spotted a yellow butterfly flitting around in someone’s front yard.  It was surprising to see it, since a night or two before that day, the temperature had been at or below freezing.  Also, before that day, volunteers at a park near us were busy taking all of the plants inside.  What would that little butterfly have to eat?  As I looked around, I saw dried up plants.  Emily observed our surroundings and noticed two potted plants that were still blooming.  The butterfly wouldn’t have far to fly to get to them, but how long would they be available?

Like those flowers are a life-giving source for that butterfly, Jesus is a life-giving source for us.  And just like those flowers won’t be available for the butterfly much longer, the window of time people can still be saved is shrinking.

If you’ve been putting off being saved, it’s time to “fly to the flowers.”  As of the writing of this post, there’s still time.