Amos 7:14

When you think of Bible occupations what do you think of?  Maybe a fisherman, tax collector, or a doctor comes to mind.  When I read the above verse about Amos, I was very interested to learn that before God called him to prophesy, he was not only a shepherd, but also cared for sycamore-fig trees.  I wanted a visual and found this:

Sycamore-fig trees look so majestic.  I wondered how he would have cared for the trees.  Well, at the bottom of the Wikipedia site in the “In History” section, it says,

  • “The prophet Amos refers to his secondary occupation as a dresser or tender of sycomores Amos 7:14; this involved slashing the fruits to induce ripening (vd citation from Zohary & Hopf supra)”