Joel 3:10, Matthew 9:36

About two weeks ago, I took our son to a routine dentist appointment.  While there, we couldn’t help but notice a scared, five-year-old girl.  She was really crying because she didn’t want her teeth counted and she didn’t like the bubblegum flavor.  Her mom had to help her calm down.

Last week, I needed to go to a grocery store at night, during a storm.  No watches or warnings had been issued, but there was active lightning and rain.  While at the store, the lights flickered three times, but the power didn’t go out.  I heard a couple of apprehensive comments when the lights flickered.  If the power had gone out and no backup power was available, people would have been in the dark, possibly with melting ice cream, and without a way to buy their groceries.

The two above examples show people in a weak, helpless mode.  At one point in Matthew, Jesus saw crowds and felt sorry for them.  He saw them as helpless.

What is the opposite of helpless?  Strong.  If you’re feeling weak and helpless, lean on mighty Jesus.