1 Thessalonians 5:11

My parents have milkweed on their land and noticed Monarch eggs not long ago.  As you may know, the Monarch population has dramatically declined due to habitat destruction and widespread loss of milkweed.  They decided to bring them in their home to protect them.  Larvae hatched and my parents soon began to observe one chrysalis after another.  They gave us a chrysalis and we watched with eager anticipation.  It was Monday morning, September 14th, and we were getting ready to start our homeschool day, when the female Monarch emerged from that chrysalis.  The milkweed she clung to was in a white vase and her wings dripped orange liquid on it.  It was as if God just finished “painting” her.  It took her several hours to dry.  Then, she left the leaf and walked on the surrounding glittery gold netting, slowly opening and closing her wings.  She fluttered a little.  Our kids agreed she would be called, “Flutter.”  We released her later that sunny day.  It was 81 degrees and breezy, and she flew to the tree in our front yard.  That’s one of the best Mondays I’ve ever had!

Later in the week, Ethan had a Science lesson about the complete metamorphosis of a butterfly.  What a miracle of God!

Yesterday, I was out with the kids on several errands when I noticed a Monarch staying near a large fall flower display at a famous flower shop.  That’s one customer that won’t need to pay.  Enjoy, Monarch!

Christians are supposed to encourage each other.  I hope I encouraged you today.