Hosea 8:1,5, 10:7-8

I saw a shirt on a women’s Halloween rack yesterday that said something like, “The only time of year I can be me.”  Do you think the phrase is referring to being pure?  No, its likely meaning is being impure.  In full, the phrase probably means, “Halloween is the only time of year I can feel good about being impure.”  As you know, Halloween isn’t a holiday to celebrate Jesus.  What holidays celebrate Jesus?  Christmas does, yes, as does Easter.

In Hosea, the people rebel against God’s law which makes Him angry.  He laments, “How long will they be incapable of purity?”

God hasn’t changed.  If people look forward to being impure, they can be sure they’re not pleasing God.  If people can show God they are capable of purity with the help of Jesus, how He will draw near to them and show them His great love.