2 Timothy 2:3, Daniel 6:1-28

You probably know the song, “Onward Christian Soldiers.”  Do you feel like you could be considered a Christian soldier?  In 2 Timothy, we’re asked to withstand hardship as a soldier of Jesus.

I think Daniel could have been considered a Christian soldier.  He knew about the king’s decree, but he prayed three times a day to God anyway.  He knew he could be found while praying, resulting in being tossed to the lions.  It wasn’t going to be just one lion that a person might have a chance with.  So, when they found him praying to God, he was thrown to the lions in a den.  Then, as if that wasn’t scary enough, they moved a stone over the entrance, probably making it pitch dark in the den.  Daniel could have heard lion sounds in the dark.

Daniel in the lion’s den is an often-told happy-ending story for Christians, but have we really thought about what he went through?  Imagine going to the zoo.  You decide to look at the lions.  All of a sudden, a group of crazy people decide to throw you in with them.  As lazy as lions often look in zoos, if a person is suddenly in front of them, they would probably spring into action.

Yes, Daniel scores high in Christian bravery.  We’re supposed to as well.  Let’s try to be serious soldiers.