Daniel 5:1-12

Some may question that the Bible has any humor.  As I read Daniel 5:1-12, I could picture what the scene might have looked like, and I found it somewhat humorous.  The scene starts with King Belshazzar throwing a big banquet and seeming to try to impress others in his palace by making unwise choices.  After their bad decision to praise “gods of gold and silver, of bronze, iron, wood and stone,” a hand appeared out of nowhere and started writing on the wall.  After that, the formerly brazen king was “pale” and “frightened.” “His legs became weak” and “his knees were knocking.”  After he couldn’t find out what the writing meant, he “became even more terrified,” and “more pale.”  The writing baffled his nobles.  Then, the queen came on the scene seeming very annoyed yelling, “Don’t look so pale!”

Can you imagine what the above scene might have looked like?  It looks to me like God turned a conniving king into a comedic king.