Romans 1:18-32

Genesis 19:24

Matthew 19:4-6

You probably know about the Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage.  There was much celebration.

Early last week, I took our kids to the new downtown library.  Upstairs, there was a gay book display which had about a dozen books.  It made me sad and I didn’t bring the kids’ attention to it.

What does the Bible say about homosexuality?  In Romans 1, words used to describe homosexuality are, “unnatural,” and “shameful.”

Even though the Supreme Court judges made their decision, God is the Supreme judge over all judges and He will have the final say.  We know that His final say for Sodom and Gomorrah was destruction.

Earlier today, I saw a comparison of Earth to the sun.  The sun dwarfs the earth in a big way.  In light of all of the recent support and celebration for gays, God is so big and powerful, that if He wanted to, He could slam dunk the earth into the sun.

The end of the earth will eventually happen in God’s way.  Make sure you or someone you know isn’t supporting and/or celebrating what He’s against when Jesus comes back.