Daniel 1:5-19, 2:1-19, Daniel 5-6

Recently, I finished reading the book of Daniel.  It ended too soon and I came away thinking how daring Daniel was.

One example of “Daring Daniel” was after King Nebuchadnezzar let it be known that certain men would be given a certain amount of food and wine each day.  Daniel told the chief official he didn’t want the royal food and wine but just vegetables and water.  The chief official agreed and all turned out well.

Another example was after King Nebuchadnezzar demanded that his magicians, etc. tell him what he dreamed and its meaning.  When they could not, he ordered the execution of all of the “wise men.”  Then, Daniel talked to the commander of the king’s guard and asked the king for time, which he got.

When King Belshazzar saw the writing on the wall, he ended up telling Daniel that if he could read and interpret it, he would be rewarded.  Daniel responded that he could keep his gifts and give rewards to someone else, but that he would do it.  Daniel delivered and he was rewarded.

Daniel was also an administrator under King Darius.  King Darius was persuaded by advisers, other administrators, etc. to throw anyone who prayed to anyone but King Darius to the lions.  Daniel knew about the decree and prayed anyway.  He was thrown to the lions but God saved him.

Daniel was daring in serving God.  Let’s try to be like that.