Big Bible Fan

Isaiah 46:3-4

Earlier this month, I saw a baby on a plane reaching for the overhead controls.  I later saw a gray-haired lady, probably in her 80s, pushing a cart in a dollar store.

The above scripture reveals how God cares from conception to old age.  He can carry us and rescue us.

Six years ago this May 21st, God rescued me from disaster when a car ran a stop sign and headed towards me.  I braced for an impact but there wasn’t one.  Instead, it felt like the front of my car had been lifted.  I believe God sent an angel to help me.  Nobody was hurt.  That day, I was carried and rescued.  I’ll always thank God for that miracle in my life.

God made us.  He cares for the baby on the plane and the gray-haired lady in the dollar store.  He cares for me and He cares for you…

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