1 Kings 17:2-6

I read a book about animals recently called, Unlikely Heroes by Jennifer Holland.  The story that impressed me the most was one involving Willie, a chatty Quaker Parrot.  A friend was watching the little girl of another friend.  She put the girl’s Pop-Tart on the table, saw that she was watching cartoons, and briefly left the room.  She hadn’t been gone long when Willie started squawking.  Then he said repeatedly, “Mama!  Baby!”  When the friend heard that, she rushed out to see that the little girl was choking.  She did the Heimlich maneuver and then the little girl was fine.  “But…the women say,…that though Willie knew the word mama, he’d never before combined it with the word baby.  And he hasn’t said them together since.”

You may remember how God used ravens to transport food to Elijah.  I believe God uses animals to help people.