John 13:34, Romans 13:8, 1 Peter 3:8, 1 Peter 1:22, 1 John 4:7, 1 John 4:11-12

Grandma Topping was a godly woman.  She lived a godly life, and my mom said that Grandma’s last words before she died were, “Love one another.”

“Love one another” was spoken by Jesus as a command to Christians.  Later, Paul used those three words along with saying that those that love others have, “fulfilled the law.”

Peter said, “…love one another deeply…” and then reiterated, “love one another” a couple of chapters later.  In addition, John said in 1 John 4:7, “…love one another…” and then repeated the words twice in 1 John 4:11-12.

As far as I can tell, the words, “love one another” were said once by Paul, twice by Peter and Jesus, and three times by John.  When my grandma spoke those wise words from the Bible, she was concurring with their extreme significance.

Do you love others like Jesus did?  If not, maybe you just realized you have a new resolution for 2015 and beyond.