Matthew 2:13-23

Our daughter recently asked if Jesus went to Egypt.  Did Jesus go to Egypt?  Yes.  In the above verses we find that Joseph was warned in a dream by an angel of God to rush to Egypt since Herod would soon seek to harm their child.  So, a probably sleepy Joseph, Mary and Jesus took off in the night for Egypt.  Joseph was instructed by the angel to stay in Egypt until further notice.  Imagine how scary it would have been to learn that your child was in such danger.

When an angel informed Joseph of Herod’s death, they left Egypt.  I wonder what life was like for Joseph and his family in Egypt while they waited for Herod to die.  How long did they have to wait?  There are differing opinions on their length of time in Egypt presented at this website:

“The time of the sojourn in Egypt was not probably of long duration, although extended by some of the early writers to several years. In the Gospel of the Infancy it is stated at three years; in the History of Joseph at one year; in Tatian’s Harmony at seven years ; by Epiphanius at two years. Athanasius makes Jesus four years old when He came from Egypt; Baronius eight years.”

It’s interesting to ponder how short or long their Egyptian stay was.  Don’t you think?