Ephesians 5:20

I don’t have to tell you that Black Friday is coming.  And if you’ve ever shopped on Black Friday before, you know how crazy it is.  Have you noticed that the thankful and content feasters from Thanksgiving a day before largely seem to become thankless and discontent on Black Friday?

One Black Friday, I saw an ad from a department store that offered a limited supply of free Mickey Mouse snow globes.  Because I thought they were cute, I decided to brave the crowds to get one.  It was understood that each customer could get one Mickey Mouse snow globe as long as they lasted.  I was thankful to get one.  But I saw one sort of disgruntled-looking woman grab two.  Maybe that woman wasn’t normally like that, and the swarming masses of Black Friday did something to her.  Whatever the reason for her action, she looked discontent.

Are you thankful or thankless?  In Ephesians 5:20, Paul says we should be, “always giving thanks.”  That’s a tall order, but we have to try.