Mark 4:1-20

Late last month, while on a walk, I saw a tiny violet that had grown between a slightly sunken sidewalk crack.  When I came that way again about a week later, the violet wasn’t there.  It was too fragile to last.

That violet made me think of the sower parable Jesus told.  He talked about seed that was on a path but was eaten by birds.  In that situation, the meaning was that the enemy stole the word from the hearer.  Then, Jesus mentioned seed on a rocky place with little soil which would mean fast growth with subsequent withering (like the little violet).  These are the people that promptly leave the word when things get tough.  Seed among thorns results in the word getting choked.  These people are the ones that focus on money, get consumed by worry, etc.  The seed that is in great soil represents those that embrace the word and their lives show fruit.

Which one describes you?  Many probably say they are the seed that was in the best soil.  Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t.  God knows.