Matthew 11:5, Mark 7:31-37

This week, early one morning, I was sleeping when I heard our puppy whine.  Then, it sounded like a neighbor started to dribble a basketball.  Following that, I heard the first trash truck on our street.  It started to rain, then I heard a train in the distance, and a nearby, noisy crow.  At first I felt like groaning, but then I decided to be thankful for hearing.  I also decided I might as well get up.

My husband recently sent me a link about hearing that came to his inbox.  In it, there is a video clip of Dr. Matthew Kelley saying among other things that there are a limited amount of auditory hair cells in our ear, and when sound is too loud, they can die.  He said once they die, they are not replaced.  He suggested avoiding loud sounds when possible and using hearing protection when you anticipate exposure to loud sounds.

Another Matthew, the one in the Bible, recorded Jesus’ words in Matthew 11:5.  Jesus said, “…the deaf hear…” to those John the Baptist sent to him.  And in Mark 7:31-37, Jesus, knowing all about “auditory hair cells” and all of the anatomy of the ears, healed a deaf man.  I wonder what the first sound was the man heard.  Maybe it was Jesus’ voice.  How awesome would that be?!

Modern sounds of trains, etc. can be annoying.  But, I think we can have a new appreciation for hearing now, don’t you?