Psalm 18:2

My daughter just had a birthday and her wish was to go ziplining.  Yesterday, she got that chance.  So, our family traveled to the zipline destination and paid.  We found out Ethan, our son, wasn’t old enough to zipline, so my husband John stayed with him while Emily and I were geared up.  The wide straps were tight on our waists, and we donned blue hard hats.  We joined five others and ascended the stairs of the first tower.  It was cold and windy.  Once we got near the top, we looked down on telephone poles and waved to John and Ethan.  When it was our turn, we walked out on the wooden platform.  We were hooked to an upper line, kind of like a leash.  Then, we were asked to step up on a small ladder so we could be hooked up to the zipline.  When all of the ropes and hooks were in place, we were told we could go when ready.  Emily and I stepped off the high tower and were soon ziplining.  We looked at the scenery below.  When almost to the second tower, we grabbed the dangling, knotted rope in front of us to slow down.  Then, once we were on the platform, the workers quickly unhooked us.  We went to the top of the second tower and awaited our turn.  Emily told the workers we were celebrating her birthday, and one of the guys sang, “Happy Birthday” to her in Chinese although he was not Chinese.  They got us hooked up again.  We counted to three and stepped off the tower.  We were received at the landing platform.  It was an experience we’ll never forget.  Emily’s birthday wish had come true.

When Emily and I stepped off those towers, we trusted the straps, ropes and hooks that the workers had placed on and around us.  If zipliners can trust man to get them from one tall tower to another and then back to the ground, can we not trust God more to get us from one circumstance in life to the next?  Yes, we can!