Matthew 5:43-48

On a warm day about two weeks ago, I took the kids in to get their hair cut.  I could tell that the lady at the register wasn’t in a good mood.  Ethan asked her a question and she ignored him.  I said something about them feeling cooler in the summer after their haircuts and she quipped, “Summer’s over!”  Her anger surprised me.  Fall officially starts this coming Tuesday, as you probably know.  After the kids were done, we left and I wondered why she got so upset.  Maybe business is better in the summer and she was stressed about it coming to an end.  Maybe she was in pain.  I’m left to wonder.

People like the lady above aren’t easy to love, but Jesus asks us to love and to pray.  Jesus wasn’t impressed with people who loved those who loved them.  I don’t know what the woman’s name was, but God does, so I prayed for her.